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Why Is A Pencil Drawing Portrait A Better Gift?

A gift or a present is something we desire to give to our loved ones so that they feel special and loved. Giving something amazing or surprising doubles the felicity of the occasion. So why not think of a unique and touching gift that touches the heart of the receiver and creates an unforgettable moment. A Pencil Drawing Portrait would be an ideal gift, that would be heart-touching and unforgettable.

Photos used to be a different gift once, but now they are quite common. So, why not try a modified version, in the form of a portrait. The unique thing about portraits is that it’s quite unexpected. In the era of digital pictures and fancy frames, going classic would be quite unexpected and surprising. 

But if you are still dicey about giving a portrait as a gift, let's consider some reasons why it would be a better choice.

  • An Unforgettable Memory: 

When thinking of gifting a pencil-drawn portrait make sure you choose a picture that holds a special place in the heart of the receiver. Pick a picture of a moment that would make them feel overwhelmed, that they would want to hold close and forever. 

That way, the portrait drawing would enhance the charm of that moment captured in the picture. No matter how digital things became in this modern era, the classic touch of art remains evergreen.

  • A Special Moment

As we all know a special moment is created when someone gives a special gift or surprise. But when such an unforgettable gift would be presented, the reaction and waves of joy and emotions that would take place in the heart of the receiver would create a more special and heart-touching moment. Moments like this are extra special and memorable.

  • A Unique Gift

Portraits used to be a gift in the ancient era, but now only artists think of gifting such things. As digital pictures are common now, no one thinks of a portrait. That is how a portrait could be a unique gift.

  • Not Gender/Age Specific 

A pencil drawing portrait is not a gender-specific or age-limited gift. It's a long-lasting gift with an unending charm. No matter to whom you want to give it, a portrait would be special to everyone and would remain in memory forever.

Yes, it's true that a pencil drawing portrait would be colorless, but only if we try to switch our perspective it would have a different meaning. The pencil signifies the art and the color is retained in the memory that the portrait would create. The color of joy and love would enhance the beauty of a pencil portrait. Also, won't it be a classic and aesthetic gift?

So the next time you think about giving a unique and heartwarming gift that would remain in the memory of the receiver forever and would remind them of you, get them a pencil drawing portrait and just see how overwhelmed they would feel.

At Mark Drawing, you can get a portrait drawn. Be it a family portrait or a portrait of your pet or any memory that holds a special place in your heart, you can get it done at Mark Drawings.

September 06,2021


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