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Benefits of Hand Drawn Portraits

A sculpted, painted, or hand-drawn portrait was the only way to keep the appearance of someone before the invention of photography. Portraits are always considered beyond keeping records, and they have been used as a medium to show the importance, power, virtue, taste, wealth, beauty, learning, or any other qualities of the main person. Reasons to prefer hand-drawn portraits at the place of photos:

1. Timelessness Can Only Be represented By An Artist: Hand-Drawn Portraits are considered the best option to keep a record of your memories. Many powerful and rich people had their beautiful portraits, not only to show their prestige but to retain the record of what they look like. As a part of the digital world, it is very easy to take a picture at any moment and quickly update it on social media with various filters. In this digital age, while portraying an individual, lovable pet, or homestead’s characters, the human element gets lost somewhere. 

The main element between the object and the outcome is one and only the artist. They properly process various details that create the structure of the object’s face. They properly interpret the person’s personality on a piece of canvas.

2. The Feeling of Personalization in the Final Output: In Portrait, it is completely dependent on you how you want it to look. You can ask the artist to add family members from the different photos captured in a different location and at different times. You can get a full new memory represented in a constant style. A photo reflects the exact image of what it sees, but a hand-drawn portrait does not have limits and exceeds our imagination. We can easily customize the background setting in the portrait to make it look more attractive.

3. The Value Of Having a Premium Quality Hand-Drawn Portrait To Pass On: A personalized hand-drawn portrait is a priceless and premium quality piece of art. It is just like loved ones, family members, or maybe your pet captured in a moment or on the canvas for a lifetime. It simply brings a huge smile and joy to the family’s faces. These are one of the best gifts you can give to someone. Each portrait is unique in its way and narrates a story that can be passed onto future generations.

Hand Drawn Pencil Portraits from Mark Drawings are our most popular product. We provide the best photo drawing service. Our artists have earned a great reputation in creating authentic, 100% hand-drawn portraits from photos. 

We completely understand that each photo of a customer has a very special story. Your artwork will be hand-drawn on high-quality heavy-weight sketch paper. Our artists put attention to the details to provide you with the satisfactory results that you deserve. You will be rewarded with a stunning piece of art. If you want to turn your photo into a beautiful hand-drawn portrait, then look no further than Mark Drawing. Contact us today for any details.

August 05,2021


Specialty Of Best Black White Portrait

Specialty Of Best Black White Portrait



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